Organisations where staff are not trained, employees are mostly unproductive and output can be low. It is a fact that employees need skills and knowledge to perform as expected and that is what training does.
Training enhances the knowledge and skills of employees and bring out the best in them. Staff will perform better and excellently on assigned task if adequate and up-to-date information are provided for them.
Training by definition is a short term reactive (proactive too) processes meant for operatives and process owner in an organisation. The importance of training can not be over emphasised because it improves individual skills in areas of expertise or lack of it, motivate employees to perform maximally on assigned task and at the end increase over all productivity. Training should be a top priority for organization in the sense that it produces more flexible, empowered and adaptable workforce, increases employees commitment and enhance company image. Mecer Consulting Ltd, has been in the business of training and capacity development for over 20 years with clients spread across the 36 States of the federation. To discuss further on Training and Capacity Development for all cadre.. Contact or visit our website on, email us on or call us on 08033144467 or 07084478463

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