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We are a world class Business consulting firm with specialty in SME consulting, Human Capital Development and Business Growth, Business Re-engineering, Merger and Acquisition etc. Our services include, but not limited to;

  • Workforce Development
  • ISO certification (QMS, EMS, FSMS, ITMS, MDQMS, OHSMS etc)
  • HSE
  • Advisory Consultancy
  • Complete Business solution services (IT)
  • BDSP
  • Project Financing
  • Project Management,
  • Business Management.

We have a wide range of products and  services, backed by a huge depth of knowledge, competence and the expertise of our Consultants and Partners.

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Are you finding it hard to organize a Retreat?

We can help you with the right checklist.

Do you need the right business plan for your business?

We have the best template for you. 

Does your organization have a management system or structure?

If you don’t, you need Quality Management System (QMS) in place

Do you need a training checklist?

Check out things to put in place for you training.

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We are a supermarket consulting firm with diverse products and services. Some of our products and services have been listed above, some are in template form while others can be customized.
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